Monday, April 20, 2009

Burnished Velvet Workshop.

These are three of the different ways to make burnished velvet.....

The three of these cards were made with the positive and neg. of die cuts with the tape and glitter! Very cool effect!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19th.

Took a class this after noon - Burnished Velvet Workshop. The results of working with this tape and glitter were amazing............I had no glitter all over me, and the glitter Does NOT come off! It was a lot of fun. I will be putting some of the cards that I made in my gallery here tomorrow!
We had another BBQ for supper tonight........Love this just have to rinse the dishes- place in the dish washer and FINISHED- thanks to Larry for all the prep. and cooking!
Larry had his first baseball practice today, he finished all the taxes tonight ------ so my room is back to being MINE! LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday April 14th.

Had no time to do what I wanted to do today----> go and Scrap today at Crystals................I brought all the bedding down from the cottage and all the wash from home kept me busy all day! But you feel good when everything is all done!
Larry went out after supper tonight and bought a new Ford Truck!

Monday April 13th.

Trying to get every day put back in an orderly fashion.........The last few weeks have just flown by way to fast.
We went to the cottage on the weekend and it was nice and quiet up there.....all the ice is off the bay now so Larry put the dock in on Saturday......The weather was nice. The next time we go up he will put the track and the lifts in for the boats . Larry and Carlos worked on the electric wiring on the fishing boat and Larry will put new carpeting in it when the weather is warmer---->(for the glue to dry.)
We came home early on Easter Sunday as Hillary was going to stay the night as there was no school for her on Monday........Talk about fun! She was up as soon as Larry left for much for sleeping in.......Kim and Harry invited us to their house for dinner to celebrate Larry and Brandons if the two haven't had enough BD parties this year already---LOL, but Kim wanted to have a dinner for them with a fruit flan cake. Dinner was Great----BBQ Ribs--->one of Larry's favorites..............We watched Dancing with the Stars, then came home.
Nothing to exciting but Time sure goes by fast when your having fun!