Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School started today!

Brandon started his day off slowly getting out of bed but was all ready with a smile when it was time to leave.
Hillary's first day to Sr. Kindergarten is tomorrow- Sept 9th. I made this card for her and will greet her getting off her bus tomorrow. She is excited as it is a new school that she will be attending this year, She will have some of her class mates from last year attending here with the making of some new ones!
The inside of Hillary's card says Good Luck! and 'The future belongs to those who believe in their Dreams!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can hardly believe that the summer holidays are over for the kids---back to school on Tuesday. Hillary is all pumped up in to going to Sr. Kindergarten , Brandon is looking fowarward to seeing all his friends--for him it is the social part!LOL As for me it is to the Dr. on Tuesday for my medical...the old chest exray and the old squishem machine for the boobs!LOL
Most surprise is that I will miss Hillary`s 5th. birthday party....Her Birthday is the 17th., but her party is on the 19th, and I leave for the Scrappiong trip to Maine on the 18th.----she will not notice with all the people there that I`m not there............LOL But nannie will!
I have to start to get ready and pack for this trip-----fun! WHAT TO PACK AND NOT TO PACK IS TOUGH!!!!