Monday, July 18, 2011

Organizing for trip!

Have been busy getting organized to be------> JUST LIKE GINNY. She has even told me to get busy so I can get alot done....she carries a big bat, and a whip!(slave driver) Going to crop tomorrow again with the girls and will be getting things together for our September trip!
At last weeks crop I picked out and printed alot of my pictures with the LO's I want to just getting out the paper for them....want to make Ginny proud!

Also the pool guys have been here today --brought the new pump(that has to sit for 24 hrs.) It is all set except for the waiting of the pump business----so Miss Hillary and Sir Harry will be able to swim Wednesday, and with the heat and dryness that we are having it will be enjoyable! Off to get my paper for the lo's. TTFN!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Pool for a while

We have to get a new liner for the pool so Miss Hillary is not to happy.....No swimming till next week! the new liner takes five different stages before we can fill the pool , then the water will have to get up to swimming temps!